Givelle Lamano is a top-rated Oakland Criminal Defense & DUI attorney and runs her own practice, Lamano Law Office. She has represented people from all walks of life ranging from gang members appealing their life sentences to corporate management officials in wrongful termination claims.
Givelle is also the co-founder of the Three Strikes Justice Center, a non-profit organization focused on alleviating the overcrowding of prisons. She serves as a Board Member for Insight Prison Project, an organization providing services to prisoners and parolees in 12 California prisons, 3 county jail facilities, and several re-entry programs.
In this interview, Givelle talks about her journey and how being Filipino has shaped her: what cultural traits have shaped her identity, career, practice and outlook. We chat about being Filipino American and our shared struggles and celebrations. Givelle shares advice to Filipino women and how we as Filipinos can empower ourselves to pursue our passions and career paths of desire.

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