Have you ever thought about making a bold career move or career change, or starting something new? Ever struggled with the thought of, “I should have been here by now?” What about gaining clarity? In this special episode, Nicole Cruz (Life Coach) tackles topics of clarity, career change, limiting beliefs, and the different dynamics that being 1st/2nd generation Filipina and different cultural expectations play in that.

Nicole Cruz herself left a top-of-the-ladder corporate career, to start her own life coach business. She’s found a niche audience of 1st and 2nd generation Americans, and helps them gain clarity in their vision for their life, quiet their self-doubt, and take empowered action towards their goals. Her mission is to help immigrant descendants take centerstage in their lives, unapologetically.  She is currently a digital nomad, living her dream of traveling the world full-time with her husband.

Together, we’re going to chat about everything from debunking the “I should have been here by now” myth, to the dynamics that being from an immigrant family has in taking risks in our life, and walk away with actionable next steps to jump start your dream, career change, or risk that you’ve been wanting to take!

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