Berna Anat is a financial consultant and financial literacy educator who is dedicated to making personal finance education more funny, accessible and more “brown” for people everywhere. Her mission to help others find financial freedom and is creating a financial revolution helping people of color and minority communities take back the power of money.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey, from having no financial educational background, paying off $50,000 in debt, to being Financial Literacy Educator
  • Decolonizing Financial Falsehoods that have been passed down generations from the Philippines and where they are rooted
  • How to reclaim our Financial Freedom and Money Power
  • The “Frugal-Flex” in Filipino communities
  • 3 First Steps to begin your journey to Debt-Freedom & Personal Wealth

As a first generation Filipina-American, her journey began after struggling with the debt she owned after college and saw what was lacking in financial education: a face and story she can relate to. After paying off $50,000 of debt with self-taught methodologies, she’s created countless resources, from content on her Instagram HeyBerna, YouTube videos, articles, and programs and workshops.

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