Alexis Bustos is a San Francisco-based Interaction Designer, who is making waves while promoting Pinay Excellence in the world of User Experience Design & Research! She is consistently advocating for inclusive design and accessibility in tech. She holds a BFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts and is currently an interaction designer at Star, a a global team of product creators. Alexis is often a host and guest of Adobe Live, empowering communities of designers and talking about the future of design itself.

On this episode, Alexis’ journey into the design world and how a trip to the Philippines and seeing a society of women and their voices influenced her path and her accountability of being loud and proud and a challenging voice in design and tech spaces

And how powerful it can be to go back to your roots, see where you come from to, use the path to enlighten your future

She shares how she challenges thinking and brings a socially conscious lens to dialogue in the tech/design world.

We also cover the power of representation, of being a face in a platform like Adobe live, is a catalyst for more diversity

Alexis also shares her experiences as a bi-racial woman, and how those mixed identities, while often a challenge of belonging growing up, fashioned her skills in code-switching (and why mixed kids are the best code-switchers!)

At the end, she shares a message to “little Alexis” and just about anyone who ever feels like “the only one” in a space, field or a path, to take ownership and that your voice matters

Co-hosting this episode talk Krystel Reyes, a member on the Filipina on the Rise team, who went to school with Alexis and is currently also an interaction designer.

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