Christy Cunanan is the founder of Cheeri Cheeri Ice Cream, a Vegan Filipino Ice Cream company, that shares the peculiar, traditional, and boldness of the Philippines and its flavors. Christy also works full time as a Production Coordinator at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and has gotten to work on the production of films such as Frozen 2, Big Hero 6, and Moana. She is a native of Pasadena California and went to UCLA for her undergrad.

In this episode, Christy talks about how Cheeri Cheeri was inspired by her grandparents and their powerful stories of the Philippines, its values & culture. Through that, she made Cheeri Cheeri to help others connect to the Philippines, capture story telling, and family interconnectedness.

Christy opens up about the hardship that hit when her Lolo passed, who was a core of inspiration for Cheeri Cheeri. She talks about going through depression and how she had to pause and reshift around Cheeri Cheeri. This became a personal journey, with understanding grief, surrender, healing and growth.

Through her story, she shares lessons that is applicable amidst these uncertain times

  • Finding hope during ambiguity
  • Embracing stillness and still blooming
  • Taking care of yourself, amidst grieving, depression, personal battles
  • You’re not lost even if you don’t know where you’re going

Visit Cheeri Cheeri:

Christy’s IG: @cheeri_cheeri @itsmoonimooni

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