Bianca Mabute-Louie (she/her/hers) is an educator based in Oakland, CA. She has taught Asian American Studies at Laney College, San Francisco State College, and City College of San Francisco. This fall she will be starting her PhD in Sociology at Rice University, where she will pursue research on religion, race, and racism.  Bianca has also organized with Network on Religion and Justice for queer affirmation in Christian churches, as well as with API Legal Outreach on domestic violence prevention among youth of color.         

Check her out at @beyonkz : Bianca takes large concepts and academic learnings, around ethnic and race studies, decolonizing and anti-racism work, and creates quick sketches that are digestable and educational to everyone. I was first introduced to Bianca’s educational work when a listener suggested I bring her on the show, as I wanted to discuss the role of the Filipino American Community within the Black Lives Matter movement and historical framework of it.

In this episode, we talk about

  • Understanding this moment and the historical and political framing of Asian American resistance and solidarity with black and brown communities
  • How the Model Minority Myth has been used as a tool for anti blackness to pit communities of color have been pit against each other
  • How our history of colonization and resistance in Philippines positions films to be in solidarity with indigenous and black and brown communities
  • A story in history of black American soldiers during Filipino American war who while in the Philippines, ended up allying and joinign with Filipinos in fight against colonization
  • How to go from performative solidarity to true solidarity
  • Confronting internalized racism and anti-blackness within our own people and how to start talking to our own communities
  • Committing to our own learning & unlearning and how we can be effective allies

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