Let’s reflect & set powerful intentions for the remainder of 2020. I, Krystl, will guide us through a Visualization and Journaling Session, to help ground you and set intentions for the remainder of 2020. The world has been through so much change this year.. but you have too! You have learned lessons, gained new perspective, you have reprioritized, you have experienced, many lows and highs, but most importantly, you have grown. And this creates a sacred space to honor just that. At the beginning of the year is when we usually set intentions, and at the end of the year is when we reflect. But Mid-Year, especially in the middle of this crazy one, is a perfect time to take a beat.

What we’ll do:

  1. Visualizations
  2. Reflections
  3. Journaling (or you can just think through it)
  4. Intentions-Setting

Last week, I got to lead a virtual Journaling Session, to set intentions for 2020. The feedback from attendees were beautiful. Some mentioned it helped them realize how much strength and growth they had, others discovered areas within that needed their care, and some others were moved to tears by the reflections and experience of it. I hope you enjoy this! <3

I host a weekly Intentions Setting + Journaling Class every Tuesday at 12pm PST! Sign up here.

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