Dr. Vania Manipod is a psychiatrist, speaker, professor and blogger, who has become well-known for being outspoken about mental health and reducing the stigma of mental illness, especially in the Filipino and Asian American community. Her instagram has over 41,000 followers, and has a popular blog, Freud & Fashion, where she promotes that its stylish to talk about mental health. She has been an invited speaker on both the state and national level on topics such as physician burnout, traumatic brain injury, and psychiatry.


  • Her journey becoming a psychiatrist and how being Filipina/Filipino culture influenced that
  • Her experience of occupational burnout and depression, and how that condition to her re-evaluate her career & priorities as a psychiatrist
  • Publishing an article that sparked a large discussion on psychological issues plaguing medical students
  • Being vulnerable and vocal, and becoming a prominent voice around mental health, especially for the Asian American community
  • How we can start getting our parents to open up and de-stimatizing mental illness in our families
  • How to deal with burn out and check in with yourself

In 2014, Vania was in her occupation as psychiatrist treating several patients, and feeling extremely burnt out. She went online to look to read more about it and found very little. She decided to open up about her experience in a published online article. It felt vulnerable and even risky, questioning the reception of the medical community. The outcome? Many in the community, students, residents and long-time medical professionals would reach out thanking her, because they all related. From here, she would rise to become a leading voice and speaker on de-stigmatizing mental illness.

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