If you are a Filipino, growing up did you feel proud to be Filipino? What did it mean to be proud? How did connect to your heritage and roots? In the present and in the ever day, how do we do that? How do we build bridges with communities back in our motherland?

Gelaine Santiago is the co-founder of Cambio & Co, an ethical fashion company that exists to celebrate filipino culture, craftsmanship and heritage. Cambio & Co showcases contemporary, conscious fashion made with Filipino soul – all designed and handcrafted in the Philippines by talented Filipino artisans. By connecting people to entrepreneurs and artisans in the Philippines, Cambio allows them to finally access a global market.

Gelaine opens up about how growing up in Canada, she felt disconnected from her Filipino identity and roots. It was finally a trip to the Philippines changed her perspective, and life- She was inspired by the local craftsman and artisans and found the social enterprise community. Gelaine and her husband sought to represent their products, and stories globally, and thus Cambio & Co was born. She helps answers the question: “How can I, as a Filipino in another country, create bridges with people in the Philippines?”

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Gelaine’s experience of growing up in Canada, never having felt connected to her Filipino roots
  • Her discovery of the Filipino artisan community in the Philippines
  • How her and her husband started Cambio co and is building a global movements to connect Filipinos to their roots through Filipno fashion, beauty and culture
  • Obstacles they faced along the way as entrepreneurs, and advice to overcoming pressures when there’s too many voices around you, how to hone back in your root purpose
  • What is the value of connecting to your heritage and culture
  • We explore the common questioning if one is are “filipino enough” to be leading a Filipino-centered movement
  • How you, wherever you are, can begin to create bridges create bridges with people in the Philippines and feel connected to your heritage

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