Have you been sitting with an idea, or have been feeling a calling to start something? Perhaps it’s a new passion project, job, business idea, lifestyle change, etc. I’m sharing 7 Secrets to Starting (and Following Through) that have been really effective for me and others. I’ll be giving examples of the podcast & other launches✨

I’ve always struggled with MANY ideas and following through. until overtime I researched, refined & developed & tried/tested this system. It’s not about doing EVERY idea- it’s qualifying. The reason it’s “secrets” is because it’s not JUST these quick fix. I’m giving MINDSET TRICKS that are sustainable and CONCRETE EXAMPLES of how each have worked for me, for others, and can work for you (along with studies and techniques!) 📚

People think that the hardest thing is getting started, but it’s actually not that hard to start, it’s “starting…. and starting again, and again” – taking steps, following through, iterating, being consistent 💃🏻

So take your idea by the horns and let’s jump start it together!

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