Jo Encarnacion is a lifestyle influencer and a relationship, sexual wellness and women’s life coach, who leads hundreds of women down a path of radical self acceptance. In 2018 she gained recognition by Global Founder & CEO of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington, as one of the Top 20 Health + Wellness role models. Jo is a mother of two, a photographer and the founder of, a blog dedicated to redefining health and wellness. She helps womxn release their stories of shame so they can be emotionally fit and sexually liberated.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jo’s upbringing and how she struggled with depression, anxiety and sexual trauma, self-esteem issues, and how her journey of overcoming these formed her current mission
  • Relationship models and norms passed down generationally in filipino culture that may affect in relationships we have today
  • We discuss this martyrdom we see of many filipino women in families, and how she must always be strong for everyone
  • to understand this, we dig into ancestral wounds, Go as far back precolonial Philippines, and look at the Babylans, the female shamans, the power and respect these filipino women had
  • Dismantling shame-based sex and empowering women with sexual agency
  • What sexual empowerment and liberation for women really means means
  • Questions to ask yourself in a relationship to make sure you’re showing up as the purest form of yourself

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