This month is Filipino American History Month, and we brought on someone who takes activism to a creative, critical conversational level. Maite Zabala-Alday is a writer, artist, non-profit professional and the founder of S/he’s Mighty Mighty. Shes_MightyMighty (find on Instagram) aims to create a safe space for uncomfortable conversations around taboo topics, mainly mental health, social injustice, and relationships. She’s also a wife, mother, lifelong learner. Maite is a Pinay Powerhouse who makes sure we’re all staying a little more woke. Her page has garnered has a large following as its content is so educational, has vulnerable storytelling while holding a critical lens on current socio/political/racial issues.

This month was Filipino American History Month, and I hope we all found personal ways to observe or celebrate it. The theme this year The History of Filipino American Activism, highlighting the myriad ways Filipino Americans have participated in social justice movements, fitting in really well with momentum of current events and activism.

Filipina on the Rise’s mission is about spotlighting Filipino women making an impact, and encouraging our community to reflect on who we are and how we show up. Given the theme, I thought, who is a Filipina activist we can highlight that shows us different ways of being an activist? What questions can we ask ourselves as Filipino women to show up more intentionally? We want to encourage Filipinas to use their voice, take a stand in what we believe in, and be a space to pull us into conversations.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Turning disagreement to opportunities of learning and finding humanity in one another
  • How to create space to be wrong, check our biases and how that can be empowering
  • How to disarm a disagreement and a script on finding common ground
  • How to hone in on personal activism
  • Ways we as Filipino women can embrace our identity and show up intentionally in current socio-political climate, elections season and beyond
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