What if you knew that you have the tool to unlock the guidance you need to know, you just need to tap into it more? What if you knew it allows you to fall more in love and in trust with yourself? What if you knew it was so simple, yet so under practiced and underutilized?

We’re nearing the end of 2020, an interesting year to say the least. How much of your soul’s voice have you tapped into this year? What have you learned? Can we finish off even deeper, more sincere, more centered with ourselves?

Host, Krystl Fabella, leads this discussion and talks about ending the year strong, leaning even more into our inner power through stillness, space, and soul listening.

In this episode, we:

  • Reflect on the year of 2020 and how internal reflection and soul introspection has been more impactful than ever
  • Look at ways we have been taught not to trust our own knowing
  • Look at Pre-colonial Filipino women, the Babaylans and their power
  • Challenge some mindsets we have on not trusting our intuition and ways we are discrediting our own wisdom
  • Krystl’s personal experiences and lessons learned in 2020
  • And end with a special collective Journaling & Meditation Journey coming up!

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