As the crazy year of 2020 comes to an end, the holidays season closes in and New Year even closer, we are being yet again demanded of our attention, our spending, our priorities, and our energy.

I’m calling for a counter-movement: a 2-Week Stillness Revolution. Less Scrolling: More STILLNESS, more SILENCE, more SPACE, more SOUL-Listening.

This 2 weeks will consist of:

  • Daily Journal Prompts (related to Reflection, Stillness, Soul-Listening and Growth), sent straight to your phone/email every morning
  • Live guided meditation every 3 days
  • A community of other Space-Seekers, Soul-Honors, and Stillness-Revolutionaries. You won’t do this alone. We will be checking in on each other, sharing reflections, meditating together and providing a loving collective energy.
  • Morning and evening social media fast together

When the busy-ness, holidays, commercialism, social media, work and more demand our attention and movement, I say we go deeper and get even more still. 2020 came with so much change and growth for each and every one of us. We owe it to ourselves to honor our growth and reflect and create a sacred space in each day for that.

Sign up here!

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