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Nicole Cruz was my 2nd episode guest and she’s back! We have a HEART felt discussion, topics including:

  • 2020 Lessons Learned, and Nicole shares trends she’s seen of her client community this year, which is composed of 1st and 2nd Generation immigrant women
  • Dreaming big, what stops us from dreaming big and how to break through
  • We talk about the power of letting go, what actually means, and our stories of what was gained when we let go
  • We share our stories about letting go and what was actually gained from that, and about learning out to receive
  • at the end Nicole shares something she said during an iG live that she cried unexpectedly, that actually made me tear up hearing it as it’s so powerful

Nicole is a Life Coach, the daughter of Filipino immigrants and a full-time traveler. She supports 1st & 2nd generation immigrants of color to overcome fear & self-doubt, gain confidence, believe in themselves, and take action towards their dreams. She has been featured in Fast Company, collaborated with TikTok as an education partner, and has spoken for international audiences, including Google Her mission is to empower people of color to love and liberate themselves so that they can thrive, unapologetically. Follow her IG @nicolecruzcoaching and find her at

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