How can you create intentions for 2021? How do you look back meaningfully on 2020? I, Krystl, will guide us through a Visualization and Journaling Session, to help ground you and set intentions for 2021. The world has been through so much change this year.. but you have too! You have learned lessons, gained new perspective, you have reprioritized, you have experienced, many lows and highs, but most importantly, you have grown. And this creates a sacred space to honor just that. This is a “re-release” of the episode made in June 2020, with a little changes. As you listen, I encourage you to take in the exercise just in the present, and applying it to 2021.

What we’ll do:

  1. Visualizations
  2. Reflections
  3. Journaling (or you can just think through it)
  4. Intentions-Setting

Get the: Intentions Worksheet

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