Christine Gambito, wife, mother, daughter, and comedian better known as one of the first Youtubers with her channel ‘HappySlip’ talks about her life as a working actress in New York before Youtube and how her faith and identity are important measures of success for her career.

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  1. Christine will expand upon how her faith and religion have guided her to the right direction in her career, often steering her to what is best for her versus what she thinks is best for her. 
  2. Family is a priority that she always puts first. In her work, family members have inspired her comedy and in life, her husband and kids are the center of her busy schedule. 
  3. Personal Development and Christine’s own identity shape the career that she has made for herself, not influenced by any third party opinion but listening to what she feels is right for her. 
  4. For any listener in the entertainment industry or digital space, Christine offers helpful advice about her own YouTube origins and how that has played a role in her own agency to take control of her career.

Importance of Episode

  • Knowing Christine Gambito as one of the first successful Youtubers known for her channel, “Happy Slip”, this episode teaches us that the road to success is not only a journey of skill and talent but rather an understanding of one’s identity. As a celebrated Filipino-American comedian, Christine attributes her identity as a wife, mother, and Christian as her measure of her own success. We learn that success should not be looked at as a linear timeline to achieve our goals but rather a “failing journey” where we must trust in the ways that life redirects us into paths that are better suited for our natural talents.

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