Today, we’re talking to Gabes Torres, who is a returning guest on the show, her first episode was about “Precolonial womanhood in the philippines” which is to a day such a hit and an audience favorite..

Gabes aims to practice decolonizing and antiracist work as a community organizer, teacher, singer-songwriter, and mental health practitioner primarily for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Born and raised in the Philippine islands, she comes from an ancestral lineage of nomadic seers, teachers, revolutionaries, healers, and musicians.

In this episode we’ll cover…

  • Confronting Anti-Asian violence, sentiment, and how the Model Minority plays a role in reactions
  • Gabes’ healing advice on how to deal with feelings of uncertainty, loss, and grief during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • An understanding of generational trauma and how we can connect with our ancestral past to understand how we can continue shaping and uplifting our community
  • Knowing how our bodies are interconnected with our ancestors and how we stand as the living embodiment of their survival today
  • How we can utilize our self-awareness to cultivate a positive impact in the world that our descendants can benefit from
  • Decolonizing our spiritual and religious beliefs to better understand our intuitive energies 
  • Deciding what relationships heal us and what relationships also hold us back.

Importance of Episode

  • The importance of this episode is related to our own healing of our generational trauma in a way that empowers us to take a hold of our future. Gabes teaches us that when we best understand ourselves then are able to understand others and positively impact the communities we surround ourselves in. This episode is all about staying in tune with who we are and learning from our inner connectedness with our family’s past and with the relationships we currently form today. What you put out in the universe, will come back to you. 

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