This is a discussion around relationships, specifically healing from relationship trauma and abuse, challenging norms around us, and that the most important relationship should be with ones self, a foundation of worthiness and love within.

Silviyana Bridal Boutique is bringing us this open dialogue with Filipina On The Rise, having guest Christine Romea inspire you to explore the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day of “choose to challenge”. Silviyana, a Filipina-owned bridal boutique that is specializes in eco wedding gowns, they work directly with a women’s cooperative in the Philippines, to create their eco and vegan wedding dresses using materials like pinya silk, which is pineapple leaf fibers and Philippine banana trunk fibers.

Silviyana has always been a rebel in the wedding industry and through their new campaign, Queendom, is bringing women together to chat about their collective achievements, trauma and healing.

We’ll be talking with Chrissy, a Filipina and friend of the founder of Silviyana, (Seychelle) who is here to to shed some light on important relationship issues.

Have you ever felt the expectations of relationship progress and marriage by a certain timeline? Have you felt that you’ve given yourself away or compromised what  you value in a relationship? Do you ever look at the relationship expectations around us, especially within Filipino culture, and feel we could praise and promote independence more? Chrissy shares that unless one has established the mindset of being independent and stable within yourself, you’re susceptible to losing yourself. And while partnerships and marriage is beautiful,  the most important thing to prepare, other than the hubby, the wedding, the dress, the guests and that beautiful dress ….. Is the security, in yourself. This lesson came from her own journey of unhealed trauma manifested in relationships, slowly healing and finding herself, and what that sparked in her to help in other women.

We talk about being a Queen because of the campaign Silviyana is promoting called Queendom, a year long campaign to to share women’s journeys, embrace our feminine energy and cultivate community healing through the power of vulnerability. You know a Queen is strong, has dignity, respect for self, shines on the outside, but realistically, also goes through inner battles, can have scars underneath her royal wear. That she can be both and is stronger for it.

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