Kristina Rodulfo is a multimedia journalist who specializes in beauty reporting and has been working in the publishing industry for over a decade. She is the Beauty Director of Women’s Health overseeing coverage across print and online who is an expert in product testing, identifying trends, and service reporting. However, her main emphasis is writing about the intersections of beauty, identity, and culture.

She is a proud Filipina American, born and raised in New York City. Her mission is to build community among Filipina Americans and Asians in the beauty space so that she can shift Western beauty standards to be more reflective of people who look more like her.

In this episode we’ll cover…

  • How we come to understand our Filipino American upbringing and redefining “Americanness”
  • How Kristina started her career as a Beauty Director in the publishing industry
  • How Kristina navigated being the only Asian in the room in a predominantly white workplace.
  • The slow change of the beauty industry to be more diverse and inclusive of both skin tones and cultures
  • A discussion of Western beauty standards, colonial mentality, and how we can reclaim our beautiful Filipino features to appreciate our heritage
  • Calling out verbiage on makeup products that subconsciously conforms our beauty standards to be more white
  • The damaging effects of social media on our self-esteem
  • Kristina’s way of building and emphasizing community in the beauty industry and how she supports and uplifts Filipina entrepreneurs in her work

Importance of Episode

The importance of this episode is how Kristina Rodolfo was able to follow her creative dreams to pursue a career as a beauty editor in the magazine industry. She uses her influence as the current Beauty Director of Women’s Health Magazine to uplift Filipina women in her work. 

Kristina always believed in her creativity in fashion and beauty and she found magazines to be her form of  artistic expression. Her love of writing empowered her to want to make a change in the publishing industry by celebrating Filipina beauty.

As a Filipina American, Kristina pays homage to her parents’ immigration to New York City and the sacrifices they’ve made to support her American dream of becoming a successful writer.  As she grew up in New York City, Kristina talks about how her upbringing makes her just as American as any other girl next door type. However, when she faced external judgment about not pursuing a traditional career path, she overcame those challenges by staying true to her strengths as a journalist and fulfilling her desire to diversify the beauty industry.  

Through her experiences in being “the only one” in predominantly white workspaces, Kristina provides helpful advice to help one feel seen and heard in the room. As she worked her way up in the publishing industry, she utilizes her platform to build community and spaces for Filipina Americans to be recognized. Kristina redefines the perception and role of a Filipina American in society and she empowers listeners to reevaluate the harsh criticism we place on ourselves so that we reclaim our innate Filipina beauty.

Guest info: IG @KristinaRodulfo

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