October’s theme for the Filipina Soul Sisterhood Circle is Self-Admiration.

Join the Filipina Soul Sisterhood Cirlce by October 1st!

We have Alexis Jacinto of @asideofalexis joining us and moderating the discussion.

We discuss the importance of self admiration, and how it’s a true form of self love, self acceptance and powerful practice in stepping into our power. We ask:

  • What is your understanding/definition of Self Admiration and its importance?
  • What are a couple reasons we may not practice Self Admiration? What negative connotation may this have? What might it get confused with?
  • What do we usually do instead of self-admire?
  • Why should we be regularly practicing this? What are the benefits of acknowledging yourself regularly?

Do you ever stop and realize, wow… I’m pretty awesome! But your brain quickly “humbles,” you and puts you back into “growth” mode. What are your favorite qualities about yourself? Do you ever stop and see just how far you’ve made it? But that conditioning of modesty, that it’s “bad to brag” just clicks in so fast. It makes us feel like Admiring Ourselves is arrogance and is bad.

Don’t you ever think you owe yourself a season, to really PAUSE, and see how far you’ve come, acknowledge your wins and personal milestones, declare positive truths about yourself? What if we learned how to ADMIRE ourselves on a daily basis?

I believe Self Admiration is an act of Self-Care and Self-Love. Rarely do people know our significant successes, our milestones, our favorite things about ourselves. So we need to practice giving that to ourselves.

We’re taught as Filipinas to be modest, and talking about ourselves and wins is bragging, and just be a humble, quiet hard worker. We are so accustomed to: overlook our accomplishments or downplay our strengths and feeling uncomfortable when speaking highly about ourselves. Self admiration counters that, and actually helps us nurture self love, respect, and inner confidence that helps step into our power

Through out this month, through daily journaling, meditations, fun workshops and discussion circles, we’re going to develop a practice of Self Admiration. You’ll be amazed at how transformative this small practice is and how much you never realized how much celebrating you were!

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