Bianca Trinidad-Lamb is a Growth Marketer in the tech space, entrepreneur, Autism warrior, and founder of Filiflavors, a business  curates Filipino surprise snack boxes, serving those missing familiar tastes of home, looking to discover new favorites, or just starting to learn about Filipino food and culture. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and moved to the Bay Area in 2012. Filiflavors and her other business Pili & Blu, are creative businesses that are focused on providing representation and accessibility to Filipino food and culture while supporting Autism and other special needs communities as a tribute to her brother who is in the Autism spectrum.

In this episode we talk about Bianca’s moving story starting Filiflavors, her brother was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and they moved here to provide him with a better life, While the journey was not easy but what kept them going was food that reminded them of home, this is what inspired her to start Filiflavors. She started it while in the tech space, and we discuss the the journey of starting a business on the side while you have a full time role, a route a lot of entrepreneurs take and how it can be very smart, strategic and let you approach your new business idea really mission and community centered. We talk about the impact and being conscious of supporting Philippine small businesses, she lends advice on business challenges she overcame, and celebrate how Filipino treats bring nostalgia and love of our culture, at any age and anywhere you are. I’ve had the joy of meeting her in person a the Pinayista conference the other weekend, and she is such a gem.

Episode sponsor: 1Export is a Filipino startup that helps Philippine businesses export their products to the rest of the world. They are exporting to 23 different countries, with the US as one of their biggest markets, serving retailers such as Seafood City, among others. They launched an e-commerce platform called Caravan, where Filipinos in the US can resell awesome Pinoy products. You can start your own business, by being a reseller of 1export to sell in the US, and help establish Filipino food culture and representation. 1Export makes it easy for people to access these items and resell. I have a Caravan box opening video on IG you can check out to see all the delicious filipino snacks & goodies inside. 


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