Hey everyone! As 2021 comes to a close, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to this community. For the engagement, for the enthusiasm, for how we see you stepping into your personal passions and power, for your comments, messages and shares, for being personally committed to Filipina Excellence.

What did we observe from the Filipina on the Rise movement this year? What did we learn from this community? Where next?

In this episode, Krystl Fabella is interviewed by Alexis Jacinto, FOTR community manager and close friend/confidant, to do a reflective episode on 2021. Because this year, while it didn’t fail to give us its twists & turns, didn’t stop FOTR from evolving and getting *deeper* with the community. We had more podcast guests, Filipina Author Book Club, launched the Filipina Soul Sisterhood, had city meetups events, and more.

We’ll share our favorite snippets from guests of past episodes (SO POWERFUL!) and dive into what 2021 was for Filipina on the Rise. Alexis asks Krystl

Krystl discusses some of her own observations and life as she was building Filipina on the Rise this year, and balancing personal wellness and the collective wellness of the FOTR community. Krystl shares how the most meaningful “metric” of growth & success, was in the end not all about numbers but the deeper impact of individual people: the testimonies received, the stories and experiences sent in, the people she met at Sisterhood events, and more. 

Thank you so much to our amazing listening community!

Doors are open for the Filipina Soul Sisterhood January Circle, where we’re taking on the theme “My Dreams are my Birthright.” We begin January 6!

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