I am joined with Emerald Rubio, Therapist, Speaker & Healer, on this Clubhouse Chat, and we open it up to the community to talk with us about something no one taught us to do but is becoming necessary: confrontational, courageous (& yet compassionate) conversations with our parents. This past year has invited more people into their journey of healing and confronting things in their past, in their childhood, and having overdue conversations. Have you noticed in your personal development & growth journey, there are things in the past that are asking for healing, for reconciling, and this may involve conversations with certain people? How about certain family members? Do you ever feel like before going ambitiously in the future, you have to finally confront something in the past? Think about anyone close, loved ones, friends or family, that have had a significant effect on you and who are today.. Are there any elephants in the room, whether it from something that happened in the past, childhood trauma, that is keeping you from moving forward? 

You are going to love this conversation. So many people open up and provide their own experiences and it was very healing for a lot of us. Perhaps you’ll be able to find a part of your story that relates too.

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