Hi everyone! One of my most favorite discussions, an oldie but it’s been one of the most popular ones that I wanted to repost. I think it’s because os many people in their journey of reconnecting with their culture and finding out what it means to be proud to be Pinay, there’s this hunger to go back in our history and understand who the Filipino woman was, before we had narratives and roles built for us, before colonizers came and stripped her of her power, dignity, agency, name. There’s this fascination around who were we before the colonizers came, in our indigene days. That’s something I wanna be focusing more in on, have more discussions about, the indigenous Filipina. There’s something so empowering about finding out about who we are in a tribal, pre-colonial sense.

Gabes is a Pyschotherapist, artist, and activist and her life’s work is to demonstrate how there’s nothing “post-” about post-colonialism. She recently completed a Master’s in Theology and Culture at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, focusing on colonialism and is completing her Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

In this discussion, we learn

  • Gabes’ journey and what brought her to her work and mission of decolonization,
  • The history of the Philippines from before colonization
  • What the pre-colonial Filipina was like and womanhood before oppression
  • The Grieving Process around the “Inferiority Complex” and Rejection-of-the-self
  • The Reclaiming Process: Reclaiming the colonized parts of our identities and embracing and loving what is our own
  • Find her on: GabesTorres.com | Instagram @gabestorres

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