Nicole Anderson Paniagua is an actress turned activist flower farmer. She owns InClayCo in the Pacific Northwest. Before she started her own business, she was a former teen actress on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family known for her roles on Jonas, Mean Girls 2, Ravenswood, and Make It or Break It. She is now a proud mother and wife. She will be launching her new website for her business soon. Her instagram is @nicolegaleanderson and @inclayco

In this episode we’ll cover…

  • The power and importance of representation in entertainment and Nicole’s journey through this industry at a young age.
  • How Nicole discovered her new creative passion of sustainable farming in her early twenties
  • How it is never too late to reconnect with your Filipina identity
  • How to eat with the seasons
  • The importance of family keeps us grounded and rooted in our culture.

Importance of Episode

The importance of this episode is finding happiness through one’s creative passion and big life transitions. Nicole was once a former teen actress who was on the cusp of becoming a big star but during her early twenties, she began to question where her food came from and how was it grown which led to her new passion of sustainable farming that she turned into a career. Although her family questioned her career transition and the current success she was making in entertainment, they noticed how happy she was without it as she was traveling the world and volunteering on farms. It’s all about what makes you happy.

Nicole teaches us more about her mission to combat climate change through agriculture and farming. One of the best ways to combat climate change is through personal practices but Nicole took matters into her own hands to study sustainable agriculture and to immerse herself on a flower farm in Northern California. The more she learned, she started to acquire her own land to grow and cultivate flowers in the Pacific Northwest. She now makes sustainable flower arrangements for weddings and sells at her local farmer’s markets.

We also talk about the importance of representation in entertainment, both its good and bad while also delving into how that played into Nicole’s identity shaping. When she was coming up in the business as a young star, she was asked to not disclose being Filipina or to stop “tanning”. Now, she embraces her inner Filipina and shows that it is never too late to reconnect with your identity.

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