What is are NFTs, what is crypto, web3 and block chain… and why in the world should I care? With the world moving into a more technologize era, and we’re hearing crypto, blockchain and now “Web3 & NFTs” thrown around, it can get complicated to keep up! But… should it? (Thank you Sturdy Exchange for bringing us this talk!) The NFT world was built to uplift and benefit artists, creators, musicians, communities and such… and so it’s important we are bringing in CREATORS OF COLOR & DIVERSE VOICES here! It is important we stay financially literate because often the money & investor world is gate kept/dominated by white male voices.

You will learn?

  • What is an NFT? Blockchain? Exchange Platforms?
  • Why should women, creators of color care? Why is diversity important here?
  • Why would someone get involved? What are the benefits?
  • Debunking myths and skepticism
  • How can one start getting involved?

In this episode, we’re talking to Yoselin Rodriguez, a social media coordinator at Sturdy Exchange.

“I’ve always known that there had to be more for creators and consumers and web3 has shown potential that is undeniably exciting. With a passion for changing people’s mindsets around money and being an artist myself in the fashion scene, digital ownership and tokenization quickly became my obsession and I took it upon myself to educate others on this corner of the internet that has only been tapped by few, but can involve everyone. I’m excited for the future of the digital world and how it will cater to both creators and owners, in all sectors, likewise. I really think we are only getting started and having gone into the digital rabbit hole, I know the possibilities are endless and will surpass the limiting beliefs that people may hold about this sector.”

Thank you Sturdy Exchange! Sturdy Exchange is a NFT exchange platform, with a Filipino Co-Founder, democratizing access to NFTs at multiple price points. Users can support their favorite artists and show off their collection. Create your account here and access your first NFT!

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