My name is Krystl Fabella and I’m the founder, producer and host of Filipina on the Rise, a global platform and the leading podcast that elevates Filipina excellence.

I’m passionate about representation and advocating for socioeconomic+racial justice. Through out my life, I’ve been dedicated for the rights of young women and have helped lead several  initiatives for survivors of sexual violence. You can find me driving important discussions and initiatives around diversity and inclusion in the community and corporate world.


I was born in the Philippines and at a young age, immigrated to Canada and eventually to the states, identifying as a 1.5th Generation Immigrant. Growing up, I always noticed the lack of Filipino women representation in different industries: media, as well as our missing education: on our histories, our impact, influence in society, our multi-faceted narratives.  I’ll be honest and say I never felt “proud about being Pinay” growing up – and while late in my journey, I’m here to change that; for myself and for others. It is my mission to empower our community to see greatness in ourselves, educate the world who we are and celebrate what it means to be Filipina!


Why did I start this podcast? As an avid podcast listener, in January 2019, I was desperately searching for Podcasts of Filipino women, a story I could resonate with. When I could find none, instead of feeling disempowered, I saw that as my calling to start telling our stories on Podcasts and other digital platforms. This had led me to the true beauty and brilliance of the world of Filipina trailblazers, creatives, entrepreneurs, builders, researchers, leaders in their field. We are out here!


If you identify as Filipino, my goals is to gift you with stories you can resonate with as a Filipina, help you feel connected to your heritage and empower you wherever you are.

If you are a non-filipino, I hope to educate you about our beautiful culture, peoples, histories, our struggles and our many, and send you home with “ba-on” (gift in tagalog) of a beautiful story.

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